Monday, June 25, 2012

Calm Your Pooch, And Calm Your Household

Calm Your Pooch, And Calm Your Household

Your dog will have a happier life if you put it through dog training, and you will be happier too. A dog training routine makes it easier for you and your dog to understand each other's expectations. You won't have to worry much about doing public outings or letting him stay home alone after he is trained. While the process takes considerable time and effort, training your dog to respect commands, do tricks, and behave properly will make it all worthwhile.

Keep your dog's wants and motivations in mind when training. You need to learn what your dog likes, and what he responds well to. He will expect love and positive reinforcement from you. He enjoys training and will respond to your leadership and patience. You will find it much easier to train your dog if he is happy.

One vital piece of dog training advice is to be resilient and never give up. Constant reinforcement and praise are essential when maintaining the training your dog learned in how to behave. Keep in mind that in addition to giving your dog food and shelter, training will be a life-long process.

Your dog needs to stay active during all phases of his life. Dogs desire to be healthy, active animals. Running, playing and constructive exercise are all essential components of their health and happiness. At an agility class you can teach your dog to catch a Frisbee while your dog gets the exercise he or she needs. You could also let your dog tag along on your brisk walk or run. If you stay active with him, he is not likely to get bored.

When you are adding a pet to your family, make sure that it is introduced slowly to existing pets. Before adopting another pet, you should think about the other pet you have at home first. For optimal bonding, select a new pet whose personality is similar to that of your current pet.

If you dog begins displaying negative behavior out of the blue, you should make him an appointment to go and see the vet to rule out any illnesses that could cause the behavior. Your dog might be acting out because he is suffering. Animals can't tell us when something is wrong, so they depend on us to interpret their behaviors.

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, you should encourage him to have connections with others. A dog must have close relationships with others to help break the unhealthy relationship that it has with you.

Through dog training sessions, both you and your dog will learn about building rules for your relationship. In the same way that these rules are helpful to human relationships, you and your dog will be able to enjoy the time you spend together more after there's an understanding about how to follow the rules. Keep in mind that you must continually reinforce your dog's training lessons. Watch out for any deviations from the proper behavior, and keep him on his toes. After you have laid the groundwork with your dog, the sky is the limit.

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