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Effective And Easy Ways To Train Your Dog

Effective And Easy Ways To Train Your Dog

There are a number of different reasons to train dogs. There are some dogs that are specifically trained to protect, hunt or just to entertain. It is well know that dogs love to please their humans. This is exactly what makes dogs one of the greatest pets to own. The following ideas can help you learn to make your dog's training a better, more rewarding experience for the both of you.

Your dog is going to learn best when it is surrounded by positive thinking. Give your dog frequent rewards for his obedience. Punishing your dog will not achieve the desired results and does more harm than good.

Mentally stimulate your dog if you want it to be healthy and happy. Giving your dog fun toys and treats such as Kong Toys or Busy Bones is a great way to keep them happy. You should also walk them on a regular basis so that they can get out any pent up energy. If your dog does not get enough stimulation, he will get bored and find other ways to occupy his time, like chewing up clothes, furniture and even drywall!

If your dog possesses specific triggers associated to bad behavior, try to keep him busy while the temptation passes. If your dog is not friendly with other dogs, distract him when other dogs pass by. Doing so helps to build up a strong relationship between the two of you.

Training a new dog should be a family activity in which everyone participates. Even if there's one person who regularly oversees training, having the entire family involved will teach the dog that, he too, needs to consistently follow the household rules.

An example of shaping would be to teach him to hold his favorite toy in his teeth. Whenever the dog puts his mouth on the toy, immediately sound your clicker and reward him with a treat. After he does this a few times, wait until your dog puts the toy into his mouth. When he holds the toy in his mouth, use the clicker and reward him. Only give a reward if the toy is actually held in his mouth.

Use consistency with training by making sure all members use commands that are the same. If your dog jumps on the couch and you say "get off," but your husband uses "down boy", it will confuse your dog. Using consistent commands all the time from every person who trains the dog will make training much less confusing for the dog.

If you do not think you can sit there with your dog for awhile, while keeping your patience, then do not try to train him. You will need to be patient with your dog, or they will become impatient and their attention will be focused elsewhere.

As was already stated, many dogs are trained for many different reasons. Most dogs try to please their owners and this is especially true of dogs that are well-trained. It is hoped that you have found some helpful tips in this article that will aid your efforts to train your pooch.

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