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Get Your Dog Under Controlled

Get Your Dog Under Controled

Training a dog really first requires the owner be trained as well. You will not be able to train your dog efficiently if you are not properly trained yourself. You need to learn how to properly train your animal first, and then start training your dog. The advice below will help move that learning process along.

You must begin your relationship with the dog as the boss for any training to be effective. He needs to know that you are the authority before he will let you train him. When you walk your dog, walk in front of him to establish leadership.

Break complex tricks into smaller behaviors when training your dog. A great example of a teachable command is having your dog get the paper in the mornings. You first need to teach him exactly what a newspaper is and then how to hold it. You then want to teach it names for different objects to make sure it knows differences in names. After that, show him how the object should be picked up. Finally, the dog has to learn how to deliver the item to you. Splitting a complex task into individual tasks is a good strategy, because the smaller tasks are easier to learn. Afterwards, the dog simply needs to learn to do them in the correct order.

It is important to maintain a positive environment when you are training a dog in order to keep him motivated. Give your dog a reward, especially when he learns a new skill or learns to refrain from doing something bad. Never use punishments or negative words when training your dog. These methods will result in fear and anxiety which will make training more difficult.

Using wee-wee pads is actually counter productive when you are potty training your new puppy. The problem with the wee-wee pads is that they leak and leave enzymes from urine and feces behind. They also make your dog think it's okay to use anything with a similar shape as a bathroom. It is best to have your dog use the bathroom outdoors all the time.

Pay attention to your tone when you are disciplining your dog. Dogs are often closely attuned to a trainer's mindset and feelings. Back up your discipline with a stern, but not angry, tone of voice to communicate your displeasure.

Your pet will be happy and healthy if you pay a lot of attention to it. Take your dog on a walk, give them toys and bones to keep them busy. A bored dog is going to find something to do; for instance, chewing on your belongings.

You should not tie up multiple dogs where they can reach each other, no matter how friendly they are. Their chains could get tangled up and as they struggle to get free; there is a good chance the dogs can get injured. If one dog happens to be much larger than the other, the small dog could get tangled to the point that it could choke to death.

Now that the people who are interested in training their new pet dog have, hopefully, learned some new tricks, they can proceed to pass them along to their pets. Once a dog is on its way to learning, the owner will begin to appreciate the dedication that he or she has shown for doing the right thing for man's best friend.

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