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A Well-Trained Dog Equals A Happy Household

A Well-Trained Dog Equals A Happy Household

It is important for every dog to be trained, not only to teach them positive behaviors, but to keep them away from negative ones. This guide contains helpful tips on how to effectively train your dog.

When trying to train a puppy it is important to resist games such as tug-of-war. You'll be teaching your pup to bite inappropriately. Also, avoid wrestling and chasing games. Wait until your puppy is a little older before introducing rough-and-tumble games.

Give your dog a regular elimination and feeding schedule, so you can house train them. Then you will be aware when your dog needs to go outside to use the bathroom. Having a set schedule will teach your dog how to wait until he can go outside for the next potty break.

It is vital to train your dog when it's still a puppy. The younger the dog, the better he will do when it comes to training. Teaching your dog good behavior from a young age is great way to help it grow as a pet that becomes respectful.

Regular challenges will keep your dog from losing his chops. Quiz him on what he knows, even if you know he's still got it.

Positively encourage your dog without using treats. Use treats to improve the behavior of dogs. Having said that, carrying treats on you 24/7 is not very likely. Another method of positive reinforcement is giving praise and attention through patting and hugging, and can replace the use of a treat.

While it is possible to train many types of dogs together, depending on their personality, it may be impossible if you have two dogs. Especially when you first begin training, your dogs can easily be distracted by each other or have different learning speeds so train them as individuals until they both fully grasp the concepts you are presenting.

Keep your dog invested in its training by improving the treats as you go. Your dog can't think that the treats you are giving out are just ordinary and not associated with his actions. If you use unusual treats from the very beginning, your dog is more likely to pay attention to you.

Be patient when you are training your puppy, there is no doubt that accidents are going to happen. Make sure to clean up accidents as soon as they happen. If the mess stays on the area for too long, it can leave a scent behind that your animal may return to in the future to do his business. Look into different cleaners, especially enzyme cleaners, available at any pet store.

Take a slow and considered approach to introducing animals to new environments. Don't adopt a new pet without considering the temperament of your current pet or pets. Pets have different personalities, therefore, it is very important to pick a pet with a similar personality to your current dog.

Your house will be a disaster, and your sanity will be out the window, if you do not train your dog. With this advice you should be able to get your dog under control.

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