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How to Care for and Train Chihuahua Dog

Chihuahua Dog


Chihuahua Care Tips



Feeding 4 times a day, because Chihuahuas have small digestive system should not be eating too much. For example eating 50 grams per day of dry dog ​​food, should not be given within 2 meals (25 grams) would be better if meals are provided in 4 times (12.5 grams). Dry dog ​​food should be tempered until the age of 3 months. Feeding 4 times a day until the age of 6 months after it is 2 times per day. Chihuahua dog under 1 year should not be too fat to keep the bone growth is not compromised.

Daily care


It is better if a Chihuahua is not kept in cages. Simply provide a safe place for him to play. The room did not have air conditioning because the dog is not strong with the cold weather. Better yet, if maintained in sunlight room.

Absolute daily drying to do if a dog kept in the cage or in the room (indoor). Dogs are kept open yard will choose his own time for sunbathing, do not be surprised if they bask in the daytime but when the vet (mostly) good time for drying is around 7 - 8 am. By nature, dogs are the sun to dry their feathers to avoid moisture. Dogs that love the sun will usually stronger than the skin disease.



Bathe your Chihuahua as possible. For Chihuahua dog kept indoors can be quickly bathed at least 3 months. To the outside (outdoor) should be the fastest 1 month. Indeed, you will be distracted by the smell if rarely washed, but their fur will be healthier because their skin is not dry because the oil produced by coating the skin to protect the fur is not removed by detergent. To cope with the smell you can wash dry by using a dry shampoo is sold in pet stores or can also use baby powder. Powder spread throughout the body using a comb brush (can use shoe polish brush) comb from the head toward the tail until the powder is falling along with the dead fur and other debris.

Choose foods (dog food), air-kibble small to be easily chewed by a Chihuahua. Protein maximum is 28% Chihuahua. If you have been given a quality dog ​​food, the addition of vitamins or other supplements are not necessary.

Although it had been kept in a room which was quite spacious, Chihuahuas need to be given training (exercise) is quite outside the home. In addition to forming a good body, exercise outside the home (highway) can also form a character that does not shy Chihuahua. Exercise can be started at the age of 3 months or if the vaccination was done. For puppies, you should not be too hard just a walk about 200-300 meters. For adult dogs (over 1 year) to be given more training. The addition of distance or time exercise should be gradual. For example, for the first month of a 1 km course, every month added up to 1 KM - 5 KM limit. Give me a break about 5 minutes each kilometer.

Chihuahua Pregnant and Caring

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Chihuahua who is pregnant should not be given additional supplements such as vitamins or calcium if their appetite is good and also good quality dog food. If the appetite is not good Chihuahua should be fed dog food that has been malted using warm water. Chihuahua who was pregnant when given extra vitamin will cause the fetus to be great so it would be hard to bear.


For Chihuahua dog nursing be added vitamins or calcium. Chihuahua nursing desperate need extra vitamins and calcium for milk production run smoothly. If the appetite is poor or lacking passion with regular dog food you should be giving other foods such as meat / liver with rice. Add a little salt to the dog always thirsty so he would drink a lot. Dogs who are breastfeeding should drink lots of milk production so smoothly.

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