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Siberian Husky Dog Training And Caring

Siberian Husky Dog


Siberian Husky dog ​​is having fun and loving nature. A gentle and friendly temperament may have occurred because the legacy of the past, since the Chukchi maintain these dogs. Nevertheless Siberian Husky is also very alert, but it is fun and easy to adjust. Intelligence level has also been demonstrated, but the soul can be challenged at any time independent of human ingenuity. Usually round ability makes him a friend to man matching of all ages on a variety of preferences.


When the ability to attract the attention of the entire family showed that he showed no fear of strangers and will welcome guests with gracious. In relation to foreign dogs, Siberian Husky shows interest in hospitality and to regard as his own. If attacked, however, he is ready and able to defend himself and to face the attacks by killing his opponent.


Predatory instincts in the Siberian Husky are very strong. When the Siberian Husky is normally welcoming and friendly with humans and other dogs, owners should be wary of the small animals that are around the house, such as squirrels, rabbits, birds, mice, hamsters, cats and other animals, is a potential victim of the strong predatory instinct. They are fast, smart and patient in hunting ability.

There is one last character of the Siberian Husky to be aware of. That desire to run. Many other dog breeds, when left in the morning, will sit on the fence all day, but not on the Siberian Husky. His legacy has blessed him with a passion for running, and approval was given to him with the ability to enjoy it without feeling tired.


Siberian Husky dog can maintain easily. By nature he is clean and free from unpleasant odors and parasites. At least once a year Siberians shed their fur. Some people feel that the threshing fur is more easily overcome than the threshing feathers grow continuously and had just returned from many other types of fur breed.

At first it is a habit of many puppies in all races that occur during teething, which happens continuous and connected at the right targets. Dig a hole, where many Siberian Husky has a special ability to do just that deep. Until now still happen if he found the right area to be extracted.


Siberian Husky includes easy maintaining, as it requires only the amount of food for his size. These characteristics may also be followed from habit racial origin, where the Chukchi developed their dogs to pull loads quickly over great distances at low temperatures where the likelihood of a bit to be able to bring some food.

A Siberian Husky that has properties like running and jumping, need a protection, he should be in control at all times so that adverse events occur. If you feel uncomfortable to watch, the Siberian Husky is not a race that suits you.


Siberian Husky dog lives in a collection and need friends like other dogs or humans at any time. If you work all day, or just have room for only one dog, do not buy a dog or a Siberian Husky.

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