Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How to Take Care and Maintain Bulldog

Bulldog Breed Training


We'll often hear about a bulldog breed, this dog is one dog family favorite. Behind the strong body of a bulldog, very friendly with human nature embedded in the dog. That is why many people keep dogs of this type. Bulldog is the oldest dog breeds from Great Britain. These dogs are also often called England national dog. Once upon a time these dogs are raised for beef and matched with the bull. However, around the year 1835 the British government banned dog fight. Since then the bulldog started and maintained a loyal family dog.


Bulldog breed love to play with the kids. These dogs also make wonderful companions for children. It’s brave, loyal and friendly very suitable as a guard dog in our house.
Uniqueness Bulldog puppy can be viewed in terms of posture; this dog has a medium body size. His body was stocky and contained. His chest was broad with a short muzzle. Bulldog relatively short legs, but look stumpy. It has a short tail that usually leads down. Bulldog weight between 30-40 kg. Bulldog has a short smooth coat with color combinations. Excessive black greyhounds are not so interested people. They are more like the combination of chocolate, fawn, brindle and white.



Very difficult bulldog breed normally. To fertilize it needed artificial insemination from a doctor. This is due to the anatomy of the body of a bulldog. Very rarely bulldog can birth normally. Usually done by Caesar surgery.

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